Website Design and SEO, Best Friends Forever…

We know you’ll find a lot of choices while looking for a company to design your website.  And while many of these companies promote themselves as “the leader in their industry”, they really should be saying: “we’re a mediocre web design firm who will probably do an ok job getting you on the net.”

While there are definitely a few talented designers out there who can probably give you a pretty site, as the old saying goes: looks aren’t everything.

If someone can’t even find your site, then it really doesn’t matter how great it looks.  When you’re looking for a company, keep these few tips in mind:

1.  Find someone who will talk to you in language you understand. It’s your money, you should know what you’re purchasing.
2.  Ask them if they provide the fundamental set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when constructing your site.
3.  Make sure they ask you the right questions:  Who is your target market?  What key actions would alert you that a person was ready to purchase your product or service?  (IE:  a broad search for window tint vs. a search for window tint that names a specific brand and also provides mobile installation in a specific zip code)
4.  How long will it take get your site online?   10 days, 20 days, 50 days? (No, I’m not kidding)
5.  Will they give you basic training on how to modify the back end?
6.  Who owns your url?
7.  Who is hosting the site?  If they host it, do they monitor the site for performance and provide backups?  And if so, do they charge extra for that?

These tips may not be everything you need to know…  but they’re a good start to making an informed decision.

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Facebook Business Timelines

I have heard many varying opinions on Facebook’s new Timeline.  But like it or not, it is here to stay.  Facebook is now rolling out their new Timeline for Business (“Like”) pages.  If you take them up on their early upgrade, you will not be able to go back to the current version, so take some time, take the tour, get your new banner ready before you make the change.

The new banner size is 815 X 315 so your current 270 X 720 will not work.  Make sure that your profile picture, which is what will show in the news feed when you post is something specific to your brand.  The positive side to this is if you do what we do and create custom banners for your clients for special sales and promotions, you won’t have to worry about your logo always being in the thumbnail.  A lot of business forget to adjust the thumbnail now, which doesn’t promote the entire branding concept.

The other down side to this is the loss of the ability to customize welcome pages or landing pages for fans that may are not already on your page.  Remember the “like” banners on those custom pages?

TagLine Media Group, a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona

TagLine Media Group

A thing of the past.

What will be interesting to see in the upcoming months is the adjustments these companies make to accommodate this change.  Even though I am reading many blogs out there that are indicating this not a very business friendly move on Facebook’s part, I think we all need to reserve our opinion until the next latest and greatest tweak that the net genesis’ come up with.  Who knows, it could rival sliced bread.

Individuals will also be able to message a page directly now.  A new feature that you can turn on or off as the administrator of a page.  This really is an independent decision based on the page.  And keep in mind, the more interaction you have on your wall, the more popular your page is in Facebook and the more likelihood it will be viewed.  So be careful with this option, it may be best to have your page members continue to post their questions.

I am also curious as to if or how this will impact the Facebook news feeds that are embedded on websites.  I will be keeping a close eye on this and trust for now, the beta testers have figured out exactly how to keep this seamless and not require a new script on the web page.

The deadline is March 30th and one thing I would highly recommend is that you change your page over yourself.  Don’t wait for the automatic update that Facebook will do.

TagLine Media Group is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

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Website Design in Tucson – Tip of the Day

Get your website designed right here in Tucson with TagLine Marketing. 1665 N. Swan Road.How frustrating is it to go to a website and try to find contact information only to an e-form for you to fill out and then wonder if it was ever received?

As soon as your potential client becomes frustrated when they are trying to contact you, they will move on. Because chances are, you are not the only one out there that can give them what they are looking for.. on their terms.

Put your contact information on your web page.

An e-form is great to have, so long as it is not the ONLY thing you have.

TagLine is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

Website Design – What is your grade?

I wanted to share a great tool that I found with you.  Hubspots Website grader will really let you see the basics of your site, give you some great advise on what to change and what your doing right.

When working with your Website Designer, this can be a very useful tool which can help with the SEO process and organic searches once you are published.


TagLine is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

Great Article for Web Designers using Photoshop

Six Best Practices to Apply when Dealing with Types in Photoshop
Posted by WDCore Editorial

There are very few people who have never heard once in their lives about Adobe Photoshop or about the more commercial collocation “photoshopped image.” Even if it’s not so widespread around designers and many prefer Illustrator, the “cousin” of him, Photoshop is a great tool to enhance the paragraphs types. It’s true that some techniques are more efficient and need less time to do in other programs, yet, it remains a valid solution for almost everything.

Read the rest of the article here

10 Tips when shopping for a Web Designer

Web Design Tucson Arizona
1.    Get  your SEO on
Many times clients have come to us with an existing web site and are interested in our Search Engine Optimization package.  Really, a site needs to be built with full SEO in mind, regardless of the web designers ability or the clients desire to contract the service from the designing company.  If your web designer is not willing to do this as part of the package, keep on looken’.

2.    Don’t overuse Graphics
Pictures can really do a website justice.  But it can also cause a negative mark in organic searches if you don’t have the right text to picture ratio.  A work around is seeing if you can combine multiple pictures into one or going with the less is more look.  While this may not hold true for all web sites (For example, an art gallery that posts pictures) you do not have to overwhelm your front page with graphics.

3.    Forget the Splash
A Splash page is landing page that has a link to actually enter the site.  Ever heard of instant gratification?  Not only do splash pages and organic searches not play well together, it can be frustrating for your consumers to wait for the page to load, to click into the site then navigate their way around to find what they are looking for.  Don’t waste the 2 click rule on a splash page.

4.    Site Maps
Enough Said.

5.    Keywords
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.  Your site needs to be developed around keywords.  You do not develop your keywords around your site.

6.    URL age
Web sites come and go.  And url’s get changed like underwear.  OK, not quite that often but often enough that Google’s new Panda algorithm actually gives you plus or minus points.  If you’re purchasing a new domain name, buy it for 5 years.  That shows Google you’re serious and you’re sticking around for the long haul.

7.    Usability
Your web site design is not a pretty toy for you to play with.  It is there to make you money or share the information you put on there TO SOMEONE ELSE.  I can not stress this enough.  Don’t build your website for you, build it for your consumers.

8.    Know your consumers
Who is your target audience?  Who purchases your products, reads your articles?  Do a bit of research and find out.  Did you know that women over the age of 30 put a high amount of validity in social media comments for a product or service?  If your product or service involves woman, get your Social Media game on and get it embedded into your web site.  Get your clients to post rave reviews on your page.  That process is however, another topic for another day.

9.    Create consumer friendly content
Your web designer may be the smartest person on the planet and one heck of a copy writer, but it won’t do you a lick of good if he gives you content that is rated College level when your main geographical area may only have some high school.  This goes back to knowing your consumer, and I mean really knowing them.

10.    TagLine
Well this seems appropriate right?  TagLine Media Group is all about the TagLine.  You have someone’s attention for approximately 3 seconds before they decide to move in or move on.  Don’t lose them before you can get your message out, create a TagLine that is unique, catchy and gives someone the desire to know more about your products or services.   Forget the old adage, curiosity killed the cat here…  and think…  curiosity catches the consumer!

TagLine Media Group is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website DesignBranding and Public Relations.