How to Handle Social Media Negativity

When you’re branding on social media, you’ll find out soon enough that many old adages are very true. One of the truest: The same things that make you laugh also make you cry. And when those negative comments start to pile up, you’ll understand exactly what this means.

Sites like Facebook have endless potential in terms of engaging with your audience and really getting your brand name out there. But by that same token, it’s easy for negativity to pile up. It’s simple for someone to berate you, your product, or your entire brand in the public arena. And no one is immune to it.

The best you can do is work preemptively to limit some of the damage once it arrives. Below you will read about some tips to help you correctly deal with negativity via social media.

 Preemptive and After-the-Fact Solutions for Negative Comments

1: Develop a Few Systems to Quell Frustrations
The first thing you should do is put a couple of solid systems in place. What does this mean? Well, for starters, you could develop a FAQ section. If you have one of these, then a lot of the unhappy customers can have their issues resolved here without having to leave negative comments. The idea, of course, is to limit the negativity. If you’re working to take care of things beforehand, then you won’t have to do lot after the fact.

2: Direct People to Your Support
It’s very important that you have a separate email address for support-specific issues, and even better if you have different segments for different parts of your business. For instance, have a place for product-specific complaints vs. payment-specific complaints. Have sections that touch on aspects of social media, and some that touch on aspects of your brand in general. When people have complaints, give them a roadmap to contact you with them. Believe it or not, you really want to welcome this criticism.

3: Watch for the Negativity
This is where proactive meets reactive. When you’re using Facebook, you can set up a Hyper Alerts feature which will alert you every time someone comments on your page in any form or fashion. Once you get in the habit of reading these, you’ll be able to step in every single time someone has something negative to say about you. You obviously want to do your best to keep people happy, but you also need to watch out in case they’re not.

4: Respond in a Timely Fashion
The greatest campaigns in social media history still had detractors, so don’t expect your brand to get lucky and miss out on the criticism. The best thing you can do here is to respond quickly to a situation. More often than not, the initial negative criticism is just a basic complaint and usually something very simple that can be resolved with some hands-on attention and direction. But letting it fester will cause an infection you won’t want to deal with.

5: Respond to Everyone
It’s important you respond to everyone here – at least everyone who’s a real someone, as in not a spammer or a pure troll. For everyone else, though, you need to respond. Even if it’s something you roll your eyes at because the person is complaining about something you have made abundantly clear, you still can’t risk further negativity here. Respond, even if it pains you to do so, to prevent a paper cut from turning into a laceration.

6: Offer an Apology and Useful Information
When you do respond, you should keep a very professional, very helpful tone. No matter what the complaint is about, you should start out with an apology. Something like, “I’m sorry. How may I help you?” Keep it simple; don’t grovel or come across fake. Start out this way to let someone know that you’re genuinely interested in helping them, and then proceed to provide them with enough useful information so that their issue is resolved in a timely fashion. Being open and transparent here will help you a great deal.

7: Learn from the Experience
Last up on the list here, you should always learn from the experience. For example, after receiving a few negative complaints about something, you may realize that it’s you who needs to change. Or after you have someone explain an issue to you, you may realize that your FAQ needs to change. Use customer criticism that you receive to help you shore-up your brand. For every complaint, try to make an improvement to reduce the odds of someone having the same complaint.

Negativity comes with the territory when you’re using social media to brand your business. And while it’s relatively simple to deal with, negative campaigns have completely crushed bigger brands than yours before. So it goes without saying that you need to stay on top of things here and handle the criticism well.

Article by: Craig Robinson. A freelance writer from – a facebook ad management tool and helps advertisers organize their campaigns. Craig also loves to participate at some social media communities and forums.

Facebook Business Timelines

I have heard many varying opinions on Facebook’s new Timeline.  But like it or not, it is here to stay.  Facebook is now rolling out their new Timeline for Business (“Like”) pages.  If you take them up on their early upgrade, you will not be able to go back to the current version, so take some time, take the tour, get your new banner ready before you make the change.

The new banner size is 815 X 315 so your current 270 X 720 will not work.  Make sure that your profile picture, which is what will show in the news feed when you post is something specific to your brand.  The positive side to this is if you do what we do and create custom banners for your clients for special sales and promotions, you won’t have to worry about your logo always being in the thumbnail.  A lot of business forget to adjust the thumbnail now, which doesn’t promote the entire branding concept.

The other down side to this is the loss of the ability to customize welcome pages or landing pages for fans that may are not already on your page.  Remember the “like” banners on those custom pages?

TagLine Media Group, a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona

TagLine Media Group

A thing of the past.

What will be interesting to see in the upcoming months is the adjustments these companies make to accommodate this change.  Even though I am reading many blogs out there that are indicating this not a very business friendly move on Facebook’s part, I think we all need to reserve our opinion until the next latest and greatest tweak that the net genesis’ come up with.  Who knows, it could rival sliced bread.

Individuals will also be able to message a page directly now.  A new feature that you can turn on or off as the administrator of a page.  This really is an independent decision based on the page.  And keep in mind, the more interaction you have on your wall, the more popular your page is in Facebook and the more likelihood it will be viewed.  So be careful with this option, it may be best to have your page members continue to post their questions.

I am also curious as to if or how this will impact the Facebook news feeds that are embedded on websites.  I will be keeping a close eye on this and trust for now, the beta testers have figured out exactly how to keep this seamless and not require a new script on the web page.

The deadline is March 30th and one thing I would highly recommend is that you change your page over yourself.  Don’t wait for the automatic update that Facebook will do.

TagLine Media Group is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

Some more Facebook Fun

Every now and then you just need to throw caution to the wind and do something fun.  Well today is that day!

Here is a great little program I found that will drive your friends crazy on Facebook.  “Flip”.

˙snʇɐʇs ɹnoʎ oʇuı ʇı ʇsɐd puɐ ʍolǝq xoq ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ʇı ʎdoɔ ‘ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ uı ǝdʎʇ ʇsnɾ ‘ǝldɯıs s,ʇı


TagLine  is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

Maybe googles for your twit face?

In case you don’t remember the hilarious Conan O’Brian skit dubbing a new social network after YouTube, Twitter and Facebook merged dubbed “You Twit Face” here is the clip.

This of course launched the web site and a funny new trademark logo to go along with it. Some cute sketches and great for a laugh or two. I personally have a tee-shirt and no, I did not buy it at a yard sale.

Well, the three social media giants have a new competitor in town. Maybe…

Google has officially announced the launch of it’s very own social media network. (Again). I’m not going to re-write the entire article, but what I am going to do is keep a very close eye on this new option so we can take our very own virtual vacation when it rolls out.

Read more about Google+ here

Facebook Fun

Ever wonder how your friends insert those really cute little symbols in their Facebook status updates? Well wonder no more… Here are a few simple instructions and some photos, so now, you can too! Enjoy!

Locate your Character Map from your “start” menu

OR you can do a search for “character menu” in all files and folders

Once you locate your character menu, you have ton’s of fonts to choose from! All with exciting little surprises that you can easily copy and paste into your Facebook Status!

Here are just a few that I enjoy…

Asterisp – There are several in this family have really fun and great characters!
Dingsda; Pan Head; Violine (Really cool music notes!) and the Wingdings family.

By: Christina Cruz