Winners never cheat, cheaters never win. Search Engine Optimization at it’s best.

As with anything you do over time, you get better at it and more proficient.  When you are good at what you do, you know exactly where you can focus your time and energy and what is ok to work quickly through.  You don’t ever sacrifice quality for quantity and instant gratification, even when you’re under pressure.

If you are a consumer looking to get onto the first page of Google, you’re probably ready to invest a good amount of money into doing that because you understand the value it has for your bottom line.  My next best guess would be that you don’t ever fall for those get rich quick emails that float through your inbox and have probably never sent $1 to 50 different strangers in hopes that they all follow instructions and do the same for you one day.  You have worked hard and are ready for the next level in marketing.

The best advice I can give you, is anyone who promises you instant gratification where Search Engine Optimization is concerned on Google, is either doing something that will get you blacklisted from Google all together or forgot to tell you the search term was “Dämlack Tucson”.  Since I know you are not a “sucker” I doubt that you care much about being on the top of that list.

When it comes to SEO, everything we do is by hand.  There are no programs that shoot out massive amounts of links to farming sites, write ridiculous comments and shoot them out to tons of blogs that have absolutely nothing to do with your product, hoping they will be approved.  We focus on the consumer and what they are expecting when they go to your site.  From Keywords, to Content to Backlinks, making sure there is a connection and flow.  It is not one thing that makes you rank high on Google anymore, it is a combination of things that takes time, patience and perseverance to get there.  Solid SEO is long lasting and hard to outrank, cheaters, well…  lets just say they don’t often stand the test of time.

TagLine  is a full service advertising agency located in Tucson, Arizona.  We specialize in Website Design, Branding and Public Relations. 

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