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Email Marketing Campaigns

Where are your customers when they’re not doing business with you? Chances are that you’ll find them browsing their inboxes. Far from being outdated in a world of social media and microblogging, email still reigns supreme when it comes to communication. Billions of emails are sent each day, and the majority of email users check their inboxes multiple times each day. From a marketing perspective, getting in front of an audience is half the battle, and since your customers are likely giving their attention to their emails, you should be making an appearance in their inboxes to stay on their radar.

You’ve Got Mail

Connecting with your customers via email has several benefits. This cost-effective form of marketing pays dividends for businesses and is an ideal way to bring your message to the right people. Email campaigns can help your business reach these goals:

  • Increased sales. Email marketing serves as a reminder to your customers that you’re there with the products or services they need. Sometimes, an email can remind customers to make a purchase that they’ve had on their minds/, while other emails may show customers that you have a product or service they need but didn’t know you offered. Emails can flip these potential customers into closed deals.
  • Affordable marketing. Email marketing offers a significant bang for your marketing buck. There are no printing costs, placement costs, or other extraneous expenses that often come with other kinds of marketing, making it an ideal fit for even small businesses operating on a tight budget.
  • Knowing your customers. Email marketing generates useful information that can help you make decisions about your business. Find out which of your emails your customers are most likely to open and which emails generate the highest amounts of clicks back to your website. With this data, you can get a better understanding of which products and services are most appealing to your customers.
  • Clear messaging. When you use email marketing, you have your own platform to get your messaging across to your customers. Express exactly what you want your customers to know in a voice that is right for your brand.

Communicating with your customers by email also fosters a more personal connection with your business. This form of marketing feels more direct than other options, and helps to ensure that the name of your business stays fresh in customers’ minds.

Get Email Marketing Right with Tagline

There’s more to email marketing campaigns than firing off a missive. To really reap the rewards of an effective email marketing campaign, your messages need to be crafted and timed the right way. At Tagline, we know the art and the science of what makes email marketing work, and we can ensure your business hits the right note with every message.

Our professional marketers will craft messaging that is consistent with your brand and create email copy that resonates with your customer base. We’ll design emails that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are informative and closely monitor customer engagement, so we can know what messages are working and which need to be tweaked. With our analytics, you’ll get real-time information about what matters to your customers and what kind of messaging they respond to the most. Perhaps most importantly, we will personalize your campaign to target specific customers with the information that is likely to be of interest to them. Your emails will be relevant rather than redundant, encouraging clicks, building a relationship between you and your audience, and converting clicks into sales.