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Gone are the days where all businesses had to do was list themselves in the Yellow Pages. Customers would then search for their physical address and visit them to access their products and services. These days, the average consumer likes to shop online. For instance, 90% of social media users reach out to business using social media. As such, having an online presence for your business is now more important than ever. Keep reading to find more reasons that support this.

Makes Your Business More Accessible

Brick and mortar shops typically have closing hours but the internet never sleeps. Therefore, having an online presence means you’ll be accessible to your customers 24/7. Additionally, when you have high online visibility, people are able to easily locate you. They’ll be able to quickly find information about your services and products, and if you have an online store, this allows you to capture sales before customers change their minds.

Builds Your Brand

Essentially, building your business’s brand involves having a good reputation that’s associated with your products and services. An online presence gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase what your business is all about. If you’re working with a digital marketing firm, you’ll have a better chance of impressing your customers. That’s because you’ll be working with seasoned professionals that know how to build credibility via quality content and other useful tools.

Boosts Your Audience

There are billions of people that use the internet to search for all sorts of information, every day. If you have any sort of online presence, these people will eventually bump into your business either as part of organic traffic or referrals. Even if your products and services are limited to a smaller geographical area, you’ll still be able to expand your customer base, which boosts profits.

Effective Marketing And Selling

Generally, marketing your business and selling products is an easier process if you have an online presence. The internet provides unlimited and free opportunities for advertising, which means you spend less trying to sell more.

Ready to have an online presence? One last thing: Hiring a digital marketing firm can be a cost-effective way to build your web presence. That’s because the digital marketing firm will do much of the legwork, so you can enjoy all the benefits of high online visibility.

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It’s now a fact that Google is now the most widely used search engine all over the world. There are about 3.5 billion searches on Google per day alone. As a result, more and more businesses are working hard to be found online. That’s why SEO and the use of keywords have become so popular. If you’re thinking of joining the bandwagon, you may probably be wondering what’s in it for you. Here are some benefits and important reasons why you should want to rank on Google.

Increases Organic Traffic

Ranking on Google means you have more online visibility, and this translates to more organic traffic. The higher you rank, the more organic traffic you get, which ultimately translates to a higher ROI. With so much competition to rank on Google, it can be tricky trying to insert your own business on top of search engine pages. If you want to avoid the learning curve, the best move is to hire a digital marketing agency that does most of the work for you while you focus on running your business.

Boosts Brand Authority

When you’re ranking high on Google, you’re not only able to boost organic traffic to your site, but it’s also possible to increase brand authority. That means potential customers, existing clients, investors, and other business partners will see your business as being more authentic. Businesses that are considered authentic and have a good reputation are generally able to stay ahead of their competitors, which gives you a significant advantage.

Enhances Business Image

Climbing up the SERPs also helps to improve your business’s image. Keep in mind, you’re not the only game in town, so ranking on Google typically doesn’t happen in a short time. However, if you keep persevering, you’ll eventually see changes in your ranking position. As mentioned earlier, some businesses prefer to work with a digital marketing agency as it helps them save a lot of time and hassle.

Judging from the benefits outlined above, ranking on Google is a pretty big deal. If you’re concerned about your current rank, there are things you can do to improve the situation. For instance, you can start focusing on SEO best practices, such as proper keyword research, while avoiding things like keyword stuffing. You can also partner with a digital marketing agency that has experience and knowledge about how to rank better on Google.

corporate logo design

Thanks to the pandemic, we’re embracing digital solutions even more than before. If you have a shop, product, or brand, this is great news because you know exactly where to focus your efforts: online! Since customers remember things they see or hear a minimum of 10 times, memorable branding is a big deal.

Branding trends are also constantly changing. What was trendy a few years ago may now be stale. To keep you informed and on top of the game, here’s what’s “in” this year.

Expressionist Brand Colors

Traditionally, brands were advised to use simple and consistent color schemes to make their logos more memorable. However, this limits your ability to express yourself fully with color. Corporate logo design can work amazingly well alongside unconventional and intense color schemes that make an impact on everyone who encounters them. Making an impact is the name of the game, so don’t be afraid to go bold if it aligns with your brand.

Quirky Corporate Logo Design

If your brand targets younger markets who will be drawn to whimsical, cute, and funny more than they will be to something stern and mainstream, it makes sense to incorporate this trend into your corporate logo design. All art styles can be used to this end, but hand-drawn illustrations are a popular choice.

Faces and Humanization

People love to see faces — especially ones with a personality to them. If you can add a face to your brand, you ought to do it. Faces humanize a brand effectively in a way that other types of graphics can’t capture. Illustrated depictions of real people create endless opportunities for different artistic styles and tones, offering a lot more control over the final look.

Social Justice

Younger demographics like Millennials and Gen Z want to support brands that get involved in social justice issues. Taking a stand against one or more of the many evils going on in the world will add points to your brand; in the eyes of these customers, having an unclear or complete lack of stance will put you on the wrong side of history. Whether economical, societal, or environmental, taking a stance that aligns with the values of your target market is important. Don’t forget to express these values in your corporate logo design and overall branding!

Geometric Patterns

Using patterns as an extension of your brand is a major trend we’re seeing in 2021. While patterns cannot replace corporate logo design, they make your brand more immersive for people. The geometric shape you pick may have a pattern that mimics an element from your logo, blending the two seamlessly.

The human side of branding is important now more than ever. Make sure to personalize and connect with your client base whenever they interact with your brand. For more information on how to improve your corporate logo design to align with 2021 trends, please contact us today.

logo design for small businesses

Small business owners and professional graphic designers understand the benefits of having a great logo design. Your logo represents the face of your company. It makes your business recognizable almost instantaneously. It also acts as a mark of authenticity for your products or services.

The right logo design for small businesses can help create a brand identity that consumers can relate to in your niche market. Here are several tips to help you create an effective business logo for your company.

1. Know Your Brand

The ideal logo design for small businesses lies within matching your brand details. Your designer will need to be aware of your brand’s personality. Your industry, business model, and brand personality may have a huge effect on the logo design you pick. Prepare a detailed debrief for your graphic designers, outlining your company’s name, details of products or services you offer, color preferences, typefaces, and images. You may need to find a source for Tucson logo design that reflects the nature of your business.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Your logo design needs to create a lasting impression on your target audience and the general market. Logo design for small businesses functions by captivating consumers until the image is synonymous with your specific product or service. Having insight into your ideal customer can help you create an accurate target audience profile. In Tucson, professional logo designers can then come up with precise typeface, colors, shapes, and images to match your ideal client.

3. Carefully Select Colors and Fonts

An effective logo design for small businesses passes on the brand message by using the relevant colors. Around 84.7% of consumers cite color as the primary reason why they bought a particular product. Additionally, 80% think that color increases brand recognition. Understanding the psychology of color may help you set the right tone and mood for your brand image.

Typography is another critical element in logo design. It not only communicates your brand name but also its personality. There are hundreds of fonts available. The fonts you use for your logo should not sway too far from those on your website design to create consistency in your brand message. Of course, the font you choose should be easy to read!

4. Keep It Simple

You could spend months nitpicking every aspect of the proposed logo design. Your viewers or target audience should get the message at first glance of your logo. Remember, mashing up too many confusing colors, shapes, or fonts can send a diluted message to the viewers. A simple design is also a memorable design. The simplicity in the logo design for small businesses goes a long way in establishing brand identity. Don’t make the customer work too hard to understand or relate to your logo. While you might know about all the work that went into the design process, that won’t matter much to your customer.

5. Hire Professional Logo Design Services

With so many options for online logo generation, it can be tempting to handle the design alone. This can be a huge mistake for your business, especially if you have no background in graphic design or advertising. Outsourcing to professional graphic designers enables you to tap into an individual’s skills, experience, and expertise with established design platforms. Check out their designer portfolio. Can you resonate with their work? Read through the reviews from past clients and pick a designer with a great reputation and with the experience necessary to support you.

Finding the right logo design for small businesses is key to the success of most startups. Evaluate a designer’s portfolio before deciding and make sure they understand your brand through and through. Are you looking for logo design Services in Tucson? Schedule a design consultation with us today or contact us to learn more.