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Some sites look and function great, and some have serious problems that need to be addressed. If you aren’t getting the traffic that you expect for your website, it may be time to redesign the site.

Its Design Is Overly Complicated

The days for overly complicated websites are over now that people prioritize a site that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Even site menus have become simple, consisting of just a few horizontal lines, also known as the hamburger menu. If your site is overly complicated, you need a website design agency ASAP.

It’s in Flash

If your site was created with Flash, it’s outdated. Flash lags and makes it harder to edit your site. It also makes it hard to optimize your site for search engines. People search with words, and they won’t be searching for pictures of your content. Each day, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google alone. You need to be able to get some of that traffic, and that will happen through text on your site. A website design agency can redesign it to be more practical.

You Aren’t Getting Search Engine Traffic

When you check your analytics, some of your site’s traffic will come through links on other sites, some of it will come from the address typed in directly, and some of it should be coming from search engines. If it isn’t, something is severely wrong with your website. It is likely to be poor content that is not ranking well with search engine crawlers. The pages may be too short or simply not right for the subject matter. Often, the design includes nothing but gray boxes of text without other media being used. You may need to replace the pages on your site with content that uses SEO strategies to drive more traffic to the site as well as features like pictures and video.

It Doesn’t Have Mobile Optimization

These days, a huge percentage of online searches are conducted on mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for this traffic, it won’t work well for those on phones and tablets. This is no way to run a modern website. If your site isn’t optimized for this traffic, it needs a redesign right away from a website design agency. Having it poorly optimized is also one of the criteria that search engines use for ranking a site. No optimization means a poorer ranking.

social media management

As a scrappy new business owner, you have had a teenage relative handling posting to your social media when you first started. But now that your business has grown, you need a more effective way to reach your current and future customers — especially since around 90% of consumers use social media to communicate with businesses. From bakeries and mechanics to insurance agencies and clothing retailers, all organizations need a responsive social media presence. If you don’t, you’ll be losing potential customers. But what are some signs your business could use better social media management? Take a look below.

You Have Outgrown Your Original Posting Strategy

You may have once found success with a single platform and a few hashtags, but now, your posts are getting lost and you can’t handle all of the different channels. This is where a social media management agency comes in. A social media manager can create daily posts that encourage consumer engagement, which can help you stay at the top of everyone’s feed. Since algorithms change so frequently, social media agencies stay on top of them and keep your posts current.

Your Content Has No Cohesive Messaging

Your social media posts were once all about highlighting your products, but now you want to add in positive reviews. By utilizing a social media management agency, you can integrate your customer reviews into your posts as a way to show that you communicate with your customers. Your social media management team will be able to highlight your charitable contributions in a way that works with the core message of your company and attracts new customers. Having a solid team to make sure that all your social media has the same theme and helps build your brand. Your social media account will be a way to reach customers and won’t become a liability.

You Just Don’t Have Time

When you’re busy running your business, it may feel impossible for you to keep up with the social media landscape. If you aren’t posting regularly, then you’re falling behind. By hiring a social media management agency, you’ll get back that time and increase your customer reach.

Now that you can recognize when it’s time to invest in social media management, you’ll know what your next step should be. For more on how we can help take your social media presence to the next level, please get in touch with our team today.

web design

Websites are usually the first thing a potential customer finds about your business. In fact, there are 3.5 billion daily searches on Google alone. If your business doesn’t have a website, then you are not being seen. And if your website is designed poorly, you could end up driving away potential customers There are a number of poor web design pitfalls that could be impacting your business. Here are just a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Sure, your website looks amazing when on a laptop screen, but does it look as good on a phone or tablet? Since most people actually prefer to use their smartphones when browsing the web, your website needs to wow people when they see it on their phone screen. If navigation buttons are difficult to use or a “sign up” pop-up window immediately comes up that blocks the entire screen, a customer is likely to leave your website and will forget about your business. Your web design needs to be easy to navigate on mobile devices — especially because Google will be more likely to reward mobile-friendly sites in search results!

Your Website is Hard to Navigate

Every extra click to find information on your website will drive a customer away. If your customers are clicking through three different menus in order to find your contact form, they will leave your website. Good web designers will create an intuitive navigation system that makes it easy for your customers to find your mission or about us page, your products or services page, and the contact button. Having simple drop-downs and easy navigation can really help break up content-heavy web design. Prioritizing easy navigation can make customers want to stay on your page and explore your business.

Your Website is Not Welcoming

Your website is your digital reception area, so you want your customers to come in feeling welcomed. We all have been in shops that made us feel like we weren’t wanted; bad web design can do that digitally to your customers. You may really want your main landing page to be an essay on who you are and your mission, but a wall of text is just like that unwelcoming shop. Instead, a short blurb about your company with an “about us” page will make people want to spend time on your site, just like an inviting store makes you want to stay there and browse. Make sure that the aesthetic elements of your website are inviting and true to your brand.

Of course, there are a number of other mistakes you might be making with your web design. In order to avoid all of them, you’ll want to work with a professional web design team. For more information, please get in touch with us today.

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