Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

We’re like having a best friend in the business. One of the biggest benefits of our smaller agency is the strong bond we develop with our clients. Everyone on our team enjoys getting to know our clients personally. Our goal is to solve problems, it’s not to fill advertising holes. We focus on how consumers come in contact with your brand, not just how they come in contact with the advertising.

Business Branding

Branding is perhaps the most misunderstood term in all of marketing and advertising. Most companies think branding is about their logo, but it’s so much more. It must include how you touch a person’s emotions, appeal to their subconscious and influence their reactions to you. Proper branding reinforces a positive reaction through repeated and consistent messaging with everything you present to them from your website design to your marketing collateral. Yes, it includes your logo but also your color palette and tagline. Creating memorable brands- it’s our specialty!

Media Buying

Placement is essential to effective advertising, and media buying is a specialized skill which requires knowledge of consumer behavior and the criteria used to measure the value of the TV, radio, outdoor advertising and online digital banner ads. We look at all factors to determine where our clients will get the most benefit from their budget including innovative ways to reduce costs further and increase effectiveness of your advertising. We then negotiate the best possible prices with media partners such as television and radio stations, print publishers and digital sites for space or airtime.

Social Media Coordination

It’s where you know you should be – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube – but don’t always know the nuance behind them. Connecting through social media is important but great content is more important. The social web is ripe with opportunities to connect with potential customers on that very personal level. Let Tagline put together your social media marketing plan for you. We make sure your website includes links to all your social media pages as well as monitor your reach to ensure that your potential customers are engaged and that they are spreading your name.