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New Marketing Trends for 2022

By Jonathan Shepley in 

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As the new year approaches, digital marketing agency leaders are looking for the latest trends and what they can do to boost marketing for their customers with some of the latest trends.

Shoppable Links

With so much focus on mobile shopping and e-commerce, the need for Shoppable links is critical for customers. As a digital marketing agency, you need to direct your customers to advertise these links on all of their platforms.

Up The Apps

If your customers do not already have an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or mobile device, then 2022 is the year. After the pandemic, the need for apps and having an instant ability to shop has grown substantially, forcing even smaller businesses to take advantage of unique apps. They offer their customers a way to shop and pay securely so that they can manage their purchases.

Take on TikTok

With TikTok taking over the social media world, every digital marketing agency is encouraging their customers to broaden their customer base through this app. Not only can they create their own ads and channel for customers, but there is now an option to take advantage of the more popular influencers. Based on the regular content that is posted and the following a creator has on this app, allowing them to promote products for your customers can reach those who are not accessible on other social media apps.

Live Stream and Real Time

Because all of the different social media sites now offer a real-time streaming service, your customers can go live with their products, getting a unique opportunity to interact with their customers and audience outside of traditional methods. The need for pre-recorded messages and commercials has decreased because of product presentations and QandA opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Because of the changes that 2021 and the pandemic have put on the world collectively, it is important to understand that digital and technological trends will take the lead in 2022. As a digital marketing agency, you want your customers to see the importance of social media and digital opportunities so that they not only maximize their audience reach but maintain their current customer base. These trends are critical for multi-chain customers, small businesses, and even online store customers.

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