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The Benefits of Outdoor Ads in an Indoor World

By Emily Filener in ,

Outdoor billboard demonstrating the benefits of outdoor ads

As we spend more and more time indoors staring at screens, outdoor ads stands out. When you leave your house or office and walk or drive around town, billboards, bus ads, and other outdoor signage catch your eye. Outdoor ads have major advantages that digital content alone lacks.

Working with an experienced advertising agency can help you make the most of outdoor options in addition to optimizing your brand's online presence. Let's look at some of the biggest benefits of outdoor advertising.

It Grabs Your Attention

A well-designed billboard or transit ad is impossible for your target audience to avoid. When skillfully created by an advertising agency, these larger-than-life promotions command attention. They give your brand message the real estate and creative flair needed to sink in. Outdoor ads also relay that a business has the resources for prime placements.

It Reaches a Broad Audience

Today's digital content can be highly customized and targeted, but utilizing outdoor advertising as well casts a wider net. Whether driving on the highway, riding public transit, or walking through town, everyone shares the experience of moving through public spaces. Demographic targeting matters less when broad visibility does more to raise brand awareness. Plus, while people can skip online ads, they have little choice but to notice outdoor signage.

It Stands the Test of Time

Another perk of placing ads outdoors with the help of an advertising agency is longevity. TV commercial slots and digital placements quickly come and go, but a classic billboard visually dominates for weeks or longer. Extended exposures lend memorability. Studies show most people recall details of outdoor ads they have recently seen. When creatively executed, signage weathers short attention spans.

It Lets You Go Beyond the Screen

As indoor creatures, we chiefly communicate through screens. We text, stream, search, post, play games, take photos, and consume content digitally. Yet the allure remains to interact face-to-face. Likewise in marketing, combining digital promotions with real-world ads represented in physical spaces delivers an impactful one-two punch. Working with an experienced advertising agency lets you craft signage that makes a lasting impression as people enjoy interludes outdoors.

While screens may rule inside, outdoor advertising matters more than ever. According to Ooh Today, 49% of adult shoppers notice billboard advertising more now than they have in the last year. When driving commuters or pedestrians see signage, it signals relevance and presence. Nothing complements digital content better than concrete ads with visual prominence in high-traffic areas.

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About Emily Filener

Hi, my name is Emily. I am the Creative Director and Account Manager at Tagline. My background is in graphic design and digital marketing. I was born and raised in Tucson and went to the University of Arizona for graphic design and communications.

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