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Why You Should Care About Social Media Management

By Emily Filener in 

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According to World Stream, over 72% of advertising budgets are channeled towards digital marketing. This includes social media advertising which comprises promoting products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. When used effectively, social media can generate more leads and conversions and make clients loyal to businesses. However, leveraging the full power of social media advertising isn't doable if companies don't have people who understand the online realm well, hence why they should consider social media management.

Content Optimization

Content posted on social media needs to be optimized. How? By using high-quality images, editing, graphics, etc. A social media manager can do this, which will help draw more people to posts because they're more appealing when edited.

Customers Need for Constant Engagement

An employee posting randomly on the social media profiles of any company does more harm than good. Social media requires a plan on when to post and engage people. Constant engagement is a must because social media users want answers to their questions quickly and can easily be convinced to make purchases online.

Growth of Role of Social Media Management

According to statista.com, close to five billion people are projected to use social media by 2025, meaning there are a lot of people to appeal to. According to the BLS, the social media management role is expected to grow by at least 10% by 2030. This growth can be attributed to the large number of users and new social media platforms cropping up. Businesses can't keep up with this growth unless they hire persons who understand social media.


A social media management company can also offer SEO; which typical staff members might not know how to do. A social media manager will look at KPIs to help them understand how to make the company more visible online.

The Social Media Landscape is Constantly Changing

A social media manager knows when search algorithms and new trends emerge within various platforms. As a result, they can adopt a business's content based on the latest updates. Also, with new social media platforms cropping up now and then, a social media manager will develop strategies to help their employer succeed in new platforms.

In conclusion, social media management is vital for businesses that depend on online sales. If you're looking for an advertising agency to help with your social media, contact Tagline Media Group today!

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