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Jose Roman

Web Designer and Developer
Hi, I'm José Manuel Román and I'm a WordPress Web Designer at TagLine Media.
For more than 8 years I have been designing and developing websites for all kinds of companies and individuals, providing them with an online presence at the height of the quality of their services. In addition, I also take care of web optimization, improving performance to increase the ratings in the most used measurement tools such as GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insight and, incidentally, improve organic SEO in Google.

Before dedicating myself to web design, I developed my career in the Graphic Arts industry. For more than 15 years I worked as a Graphic Designer and Pre-Printer in some of the largest printing companies in Spain, which gave me a very valuable and varied experience and a deep knowledge of virtually all printing technologies.

In my free time I like to enjoy my family, my friends and my passion for music, playing guitar at home or practicing with my band.

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