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Business Logo Design

What does your company’s logo say about your business? If you don’t have a logo, or you’ve never stopped to consider that question about your current logo, you could be missing out on an important way to connect with your customers. Even the simplest logos speak volumes—that’s why there are some logos that are so deeply associated with their brands that people know what they stand for even if the name of the company is not there. In this increasingly digital world, logos matter now more than ever, as customers spend more time looking at images on websites than they do reading the text.

Why is my logo so important?

Some businesses assume that a logo is just something that major brands need, but in reality, logos carry great weight for businesses of all sizes. Nothing sets a tone for your brand’s identity in the mind of consumers quite like a logo, and if yours works well, just the color combination and shape of your design will remind people about your business. If designing your logo has been on the backburner, you could be missing out on these benefits:

  • Cohesive branding. A logo is a shorthand representation of your business that can easily be used in a variety of ways on everything from advertisements and marketing collateral to branded merchandise. The simple addition of a logo keeps your branding consistent across platforms.
  • Better credibility. Logos are something that consumers are accustomed to seeing, and most people assume that having a logo is a requirement for being a serious business. Your lack of logo could make your business look less legitimate in the eyes of potential customers.
  • Competitor differentiation. Customers need a reason to see your business as different from your competitors. A logo defines your company and communicates your identity, so consumers will see you as unique.
  • Clear identity. Your logo conveys a significant amount of information about your business. The colors, fonts, and imagery used in your logo set a tone that speaks to who you are as a company.

What messages do logos send?

There are endless design characteristics that can impact the brand message communicated by a logo, but color is one of the most impactful. The colors of successful logos weren’t chosen by accident, but rather were carefully selected for the sentiments they invoke.

  • Green represents nature and communicates peace and trustworthiness. Think Starbucks.
  • Blue speaks to stability, tranquility, and faith. Think Ford.
  • Red is fiery, intense, active, and aggressive. Think Red Bull.
  • Yellow is energetic, joyful, and active. Think McDonalds.

The impact of color isn’t usually something that consumers experience consciously, but lengthy research into color psychology indicates that the moods created by different colors are real. The colors in your company’s logo should align with the identity you want to create.

How Can Tagline Help

Turn to the logo designers Tucson businesses trust. The designers at Tagline Media Group are experienced in logo creation and are ready to bring their knowledge to your campaign. No logo ideas at Tagline are ever recycled, so you can be confident that you’re getting the fresh, innovative logo that your business deserves. Our Tucson logo designers will work with you to determine the right messaging for your brand and then design a logo that delivers that message directly to consumers. We’re led by your vision, so you can come to us with ideas already in place, or we can help you start from scratch and draft logos that meet the priorities you’ve identified. When our work is complete, you’ll have the logo you need to define your brand to your customers, and it will be ready to be featured on everything from your website to your business cards.