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5 Pages Every Business’s Website Should Have

By Jose Roman in 

5 Pages Every Business's Website Design Should Have

When customers go to the internet to search for a business, about 90% of them haven't yet made up their minds about it. That means that the site they find will have a huge impact on whether people do business with your company or not. This makes it important for your website design to be intuitive and helpful and to answer the questions customers may have. There are certain pages that should be on virtually every company's website and here are five examples!

1. Homepage

Not all of your pages can be specialty pages. There should also be a comprehensive homepage that ties the whole site together. It should have a main menu on it that directs customers to the various pages that the site contains. The homepage often has a mission statement or another description of what the business does and why they should choose it.

2. About Page

This is often a page that visitors go to in order to learn about the company. These pages often have pictures and short bios of key figures in the business as well as a succinct history of the company. There should be a few pictures of the business if it's a brick-and-mortar one.

3. Product or Service Page

Whether you offer products or services, there should be a page that tells customers what they are and why they're good. This doesn't have to be a long page, but many companies do make these pages long to give plenty of details about how their products and services are better than the competition. The website design should be a great design that uses both text and photos to appeal to potential customers.

4. Blog Page

It's always helpful for a business website to have a blog, and they need to have a blog page that displays it. A blog is good for SEO, and it can answer a lot of questions from customers. It's a chance to explore many different subjects related to your business and what it has to offer.

5. Privacy Policy Page

These days, people are more concerned than ever about their privacy. There are a number of laws out there regarding privacy and what you can use contact information for. The privacy policy page of the website design should let people know what you do to protect their privacy and what you use customer information for. It may also need certain disclaimers about information use.

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