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The Impact of Color on Your Website’s Design

By Jose Roman in 

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One simple and impactful change you can make to your web design is adding color. Color is a powerful psychological component to influence your brand, promote sales, and make your page navigation more user-friendly. Whether you have an existing web page or want to create a new one, consider how color can have a dramatic impact.

Color Has Meaning

Color has a powerful psychological effect to it. We naturally associate certain colors with particular feelings, and these can impact your web design. For example, you might choose a blue color for your product or service that helps people calm down or green colors if you sell health and wellness products. Black is associated with formality, while pink is perfect for children's websites, promoting women, or a web design for sweet treats.

Less is More

Remember not to make it over the top when creating your web design. Clean, simplistic designs are modern and can be more impactful. Some of the most effective websites use just the right amount of color to convey their message. One of the most impactful parts of your website design is the logo; the best brands only use a few colors. According to FinancesOnline, 95% of the highest-rated brands have only one or two colors in their logos.

Think About Your Industry

It's important to consider your industry when crafting your website design. Some colors are more advantageous for drawing potential clients, while some can send them running to the hills. Blue is commonly used for healthcare, technology, medicine, and science. Green is great for human resources, finance, recruitment, and ecology. Black is commonly used for construction, fashion, and merchandising. Red is common for automotive, food, retail, and dating. Orange is perfect for fitness (think Orange Theory). While you can choose colors as you wish, there are certain trends for a reason. You'll want to convey a strong message to draw as many visitors to your site as possible.

Color has a dramatic impact on any web design. From auto mechanics to ice cream, color can take your website from average to elite. Check out our website to learn more about how you can improve your website design! If you have any other marketing questions or are ready to get started with a highly-rated advertising agency, reach out to our team at Tagline Media Group today.

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