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Popular Logo Colors Explained

By Emily Filener in 

Use Pantone Color Books to help with logo design services

Colors are essential in logo design because our brains remember colors. When you think about logos, you probably can remember the logo's colors before you do anything else. Therefore, before you consider designing your logo, you should understand how colors work.

Why is Color Important?

When considering logo design services, it is essential to know that people connect with color, allowing people to create a deeper connection with your brand. Choosing specific colors for a logo can cause certain emotions in consumers. The right palette conveys your values to potential customers. On the other hand, poor color choices can evoke negative feelings about your brand. When looking at the top 100 brands, about 95% chose only one or two colors for their logo.

Understanding Different Colors

The best logo design services help you pick the right colors based on the message you want to tell your customers. Each color has emotions associated with it.


primary color that symbolizes passion, anger, and excitement. It is a popular color for logos. It is loud and playful. However, this is not the best color choice if you want an understated brand.


It is warm and evokes a sense of cheerfulness and friendliness. This is a youthful color that is comforting but can also be positive and playful.


It brings a little more energy than yellow. It is a vibrant color full of energy, excitement, and invigoration. It is aggressive but balanced with a happy and friendly tone.


If you want a regal image, logo design services will suggest purple. This color exudes luxury, spiritual awareness, and authenticity. As a result, high-end companies use purple in their logos.


It is a resting color as the eye does not adjust when it sees it. It also creates a sense of calm, balance, and health. In addition, green is associated with fresh starts, harmony, and environmental safety.


It is the color of calm, loyalty, and trust. It inspires healing and is ideal for the healthcare industry. However, you must be careful with the overuse of blue because it could seem cold.

Logo design services can help you better understand the science of color. They will understand the message you want to convey and help you create a logo with the best colors and design.

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