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The Importance of Logo Design

By Emily Filener in 

Two business men looking at a laptop talking about the Importance of Logo Design

The Importance of Logo Design

According to Word Stream, 63% of businesses have increased online marketing spending in the last year. This is a good thing, but perhaps one area businesses ignore is logo design. A logo is more than just a symbol to represent your business, it represents your brand, and a good one can leave a lasting impression on people. Consider how many logos you can identify even without the brand name; that's the power of a logo design. If you need more reasons why logo design is essential, check out the points listed below.

Brand Identity

Although logo design is just one aspect of your brand, it's the basis of your brand. A logo is an identifier for any business; the choice of colors, fonts, and graphics matters a lot. A good brand identity translates to a better brand image, which draws more people to your business.

Brand Loyalty

Clients who are satisfied the first time they buy your products or subscribe to your services will be loyal to your brand. The satisfaction associated with your brand means they will remember your logo and look for it when they shop elsewhere. They can even recommend your products and/or services to loved ones by showing them your logo. If your logo design is poor, they won't remember it when they see it somewhere else.

Creates A Strong and Lasting First Impression

Your logo is what introduces your brand to potential clients. A report by Forbes indicates that businesses have a seven-second window to create a strong and lasting first impression. A well-designed logo creates a strong and lasting first impression on clients, which piques their interest and convinces them to check out your products and services.

Distinguishes Your Brand from The Competition

As a business owner, the aim is to build a one-of-a-kind business, so it's essential that your logo is one of a kind as well. You can help customers distinguish your brand from your competitors with a unique logo by offering them top-notch products and/or services. When designing your logo, you must ensure you get the color, font, and graphics right.

In conclusion, start with logo design when building a brand because everything about your business should be reflected in your logo. If you're looking for an advertising agency you can count on to create a logo design perfect for your business, contact Tagline Media Group today!

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About Emily Filener

Hi, my name is Emily. I am the Creative Director and Account Manager at Tagline. My background is in graphic design and digital marketing. I was born and raised in Tucson and went to the University of Arizona for graphic design and communications.

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