Our Team

Laurie Bernard

Office Manager. The one who crunches numbers and makes everyone stay within budget. Sounds boring. Maybe in my past life, but not around here! I left a long time career with engineers and traded it for life with the talented artists at TagLine. I run a tight ship with the payroll and bookkeeping while making sure the bills get paid and invoices processed.

Put me in any extreme activity whether sky diving, scuba diving, rappelling, roller coasters, fast boats, fast cars….fast anything. When I’m not risking my life and limb, it’s working to alleviate homelessness and hunger, country dancing, family vacations, and grandkids. Just don’t ask me to sing or act my age.

Sierra Sutton

As the Social Media Content Princess, I help build ads for all of our clients’ social media needs!

I love getting to be creative and working here has let me do just that, plus I get to help clients broaden their social media reach in the process! If you want to give your customers something engaging and hilarious to keep them hooked, go with Tagline’s Social Media team!

Outside of work, a few things that I enjoy are running with my dog Maximus Watson Prime, laughing at a good pun, and everything to do with the ocean. And if you happen to find yourself playing in the Zombie Apocalypse, keep a look out for the short blonde girl who has too much pink lipstick and looks like she doesn’t belong- I’ll even show you some tricks on how to get the best zombie hunting score!

David Rivera

Rocketed to Earth as a baby, with powers and abilities far below those of mortal men, I quickly learned to focus on the one thing people told me I was good at: ART! In fact, I focused on art so much, it naturally evolved into a career! Now, with over 17 years of professional multimedia design experience, I currently specialize in: photo editing/manipulation, 3D modeling/animation, video editing and effects.

I enjoy working at Tagline because it helps feed my need to create cool, unique, and visually interesting things that no one has seen before. If you can imagine it, I can bring it to life.

In my off time, I take time off to be an amateur time traveler and dabble in theoretical physics. I am also a fan of self-education. If I want to know how something is done, I will go ahead and learn it. Easy peasy! I also invented toaster strudel and post-its…

Likes: Cheeseburgers, hyperbole, sarcasm, saying I invented things that I couldn’t have possibly, ellipses…

Dislikes: Dudes who say “dude” all the time, burgers without cheese…

Leanna Kruszewski

I’m the Art Director, which means I get to create fun things as well as crush other artistic spirits, oops, I mean help fellow artists realize their visions to their fullest potential.

Having been chained to a desk at Tagline for over 13 years, I have helped develop brand identities and campaigns—from concept to integration—for hundreds of clients. I specialize in print, outdoor, and social media. I also dabble in copy editing and voice over work. If you call, listen closely when you’re on hold.

My favorite things to design are business cards, brochures, and logos. My least favorite things to design are logos. So I can’t wait to design your next logo!

In my spare time I play a mediocre piano, a horrible guitar, sing Karaoke fairly well, and raise 2 children, a dog, and a husband. The dog is pretty well trained.

Deb Weisel

I’m Deb, I’m the big cheese, the queso grande here at Tagline. My minions adore me… at least that’s what they tell me. I’m a business woman and a sculptor but my art spans all mediums including digital. I have a unique ability to see the final outcome of a design before its many stages of development. Yes, I can see the future and I read palms too.

Seriously though, I founded Tagline nearly a decade and a half ago to create an innovative alternative to the traditional agency model. While most agencies put their focus only on traditional advertising outlets – radio, television, print – we emphasize the importance of an equally strong digital presence. We understand that digital marketing is the future.

Marketing is my passion. My company prides its self in providing amazing design and production, cutting-edge websites, original social media content, and fresh online marketing campaigns. We’re not just marketers, we’re brand creators. Marketing to success is my passion, and my team and I are lucky enough to do it every day.