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Vanessa Ford
Director of Marketing and Communications

Humane Society of Southern Arizona

We can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Tagline Media on the build of our website!

Deb and her creative team met with us to get a feel for our already well-known brand, and walked us through the process of expanding on that branding while remaining true to our core aesthetic. Then the hard work started.

Our organization is over 72 years old, and we offer a great many services and programs to meet the needs of our community. Unfortunately, that made our previous website rather difficult to navigate. The streamlined layout and improved functionality that Deb and her team created removed several major points of friction from our client/donor journey, and we have seen a significant positive impact on our numbers of page visits, completed forms, and online donations as a direct result of their work.

What is perhaps even more telling than the hard data, though, is the reaction we receive from our personal interactions with our clients and donors. We hear statements like: “I love the new website,” “The new website is so easy to use,” and “Your website is so beautiful!” It takes a truly talented team to create a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, but that keeps people thinking about it, even after they've logged off.

THAT is the true genius of what Tagline Media offers - a memorable, remarkable interaction between business and consumer that keeps your clients thinking about you. If you want to be top of mind, Tagline Media can get you there, and keep you there. We highly recommend them!  

Amy Collinsworth

Marketing and Communications Manager
Ben's Bells Project

Working with Tagline has been a blessing for Ben's Bells Project. It is always a joy to work with the staff and we are consistently thrilled with the work that Tagline does for us. As a local nonprofit with a small administrative staff, we are so grateful to have such a reliable, talented, and professional partner in design and marketing! 

Fred Gomez
Executive Director
American Diabetes Association

I am pleased to offer my enthusiastic recommendation of Tagline Media on behalf of the American Diabetes Association’s Tucson office.Deb Weisel and her team at Tagline have been indispensable allies to our organization with regard to our event marketing and publicity. Thanks to Deb’s hard work and tenacity, we’ve received maximum exposure for minimum dollars. I would estimate that we’ve received benefit greater than 4 times our local marketing budget by working with Tagline.

Tagline has supported the Tucson ADA for nearly a decade by:

  • Producing public service announcements (PSAs) and placing them with local TV and radio stations.
  • Taking our national PSAs and tailoring them for our local market.
  • Creating television, radio and print ads from concept to completion.
  • Working quickly and creatively; often jumping in at the last minute to help us meet urgent deadlines.

Any organization would be lucky to have Tagline Media working to create awareness of their products or services.

Randy Walters
Junk for Jesus

To those in Business, searching for assistance in the areas of Branding, Logo-Web design, Marketing and public relations. I would like to share with you my own personal experience:In the earlier stages of our organizations growth, we reached a point in which we knew, we must succeed in 3 key areas which prove time and again to be essential in unlocking any company or organization’s success. They are: 1)Branding 2)Marketing 3)Public Relations.

When we first came to Tagline Media Group, We were a little lost and confused, as Aside from knowing that these things were essential to our success that was however, all we knew about them.

After our first consultation upon referral with Tagline Media, I knew immediately that they offered exactly what we were looking for. Their level of professionalism, their ideas and quality of client service in my opinion makes them un-touchable in their field of expertise. Not to mention they have a tremendous sense of vision and the know how to turn your Company or organizations dreams, goals and ideas in to a reality. If you are looking for the whole package, you have found it with Tagline.

Not only have they done an amazing job, but they were also able to adapt to our organizations visions, goals and the cause in which we represent. Once we joined forces with Tagline Media, they took our organization to the next level, and have done so Again and again with every step taken together. They are ‘in the know’ and on the cutting edge of what’s out there, what’s working and how to produce results for your specific company or organization. Their client service & work ethic is impeccable, and their quality of work if the best I’ve seen. We were receiving maybe 1 donated vehicle per month if we were lucky. Now, thanks to Tagline, their team, their ideas and their hard work we now receive 5-7 donations per week (in a recessed economy no less) and we saw these results in as little as 2 months time. Everything TagLine Media Group touched has produced astounding results for our organization.

In short: If you want a dedicated team of aggressive professionals w/ experts in each field on hand, ready to turn your visions and goals in to reality, if you want a company that will ‘Make things Happen’, and you want the best. You will look no further than Tagline. I say these things based on my own personal experience with Tagline, and the results we attained.

As we grow as an organization, Tagline will always continue to be a part of our Success. I can honestly say, we would not be where we are today, nor provide the amount of assistance to as many struggling families as we do, if it were not for Deb Weisel and her Team at Tagline Media Group.

Bobby Sutton
The Slaugherhouse We engaged Tagline on the marketing campaign for The SlaughterHouse to provide fresh thinking to a project that required a huge level of brand awareness. We needed a balance between immediate effective creative ideas and the longer term perspective on where our brand will go. We have had both and are highly satisfied with the outcome. The staff have been consistent with the brand they developed, dependable with deadlines and very cost effective so that the money that is raised can go back in to the community. Most Importantly Tagline have always been there for us, regardless of our requests and deadlines.